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capitol region. this is "washington business report" with abc7 national correspondent rebecca cooper. captioned by the national captioning institute >> thanks for joining us for a look at business and finance and the washington region. the fiscal cliff is getting closer, d congress and the whitee house say they are rking on sving it. will they find a solutition? us, an ambitious plan from mayor gray. we will be talking about those topics and more. first, a look at success and how to make it happepen.
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it can be hard for an entrepreneur or a small busineness person to make a connection. it is called the h hot mommas project. we're joined by k kathy k korman frey the founder of the project and adjunct professor at george e washington univeity. also, theresa alfaro daytner the ceo of dadaytner construction group. and kim rosenberg the predent of mixology d.c. welcome to y you a. kathy, it h has a fine namee but a serious purpose. when you went to leaearn lessons from anyone in the business worldd you look at ce studies and you decided there were not enough case studies from women
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like you. they allll camfrom a bunch of guy c ceo's. now you have the largegest case studied library in the world. is avavailae to the gs as well. >> that is right. it is interesting because we did have in my class a couple guys last semester. >> that is the c classhat you teach. good. the guy;s are starting to learn ass well. >> many-- learn as well womenho are in f formall programs in fortune 5000 companies, to make their way up the top, those companies are more profitable. there areeaders of untries that are emplong programs use programs supporting women
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enentrepreneurs to raise their gdp. >> we wawant to get to these wen entrepreurs. the fifirst one i want to talk about is another way you havee expanded the reach of what you do. >> it is short of the sisthood success university. you mentioned r ca study library which is a great weight to provide access to role models and mentors which is a known w of women and girls. if you cannot see it, you cannot be i it. if you see someone doioing what yoyou want to do,o, you can say ok maybe i ll run for president of mclass. orhen, oh, i could be senator. you open up the woworld for yourself by having access to a roleodel or a m mentor. >> you havhad these ladies
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participate. can n anyone take p part? >> we havave it each fall at t the george washington university scol of busininess. we are getting ready to take it on t the road to a numumber of different states. >> do you have to be a student? >> it is open to the community. >> ok. so k kimet's tal to you.u. you shared some of the secrets to your success. herere are couplofakeouts th i saw that i wantnted youou to expand on. you and your partner said it helps that both ofou have deees in psychology. i thout that was interting. i also saw that you not only did your market t research before launching this datg servicece buyou already had expererience in t dating service wor before braing it as your own..
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>> yes. i actually was in the indndustry for seven years and starteded out at a heterosexual matchmakingng company. i thought there was a void in the community. there are a lot of professional women d men thataree interested i finding partners. since i have been in the indury, i decided to make the mp. >>how do you advise ththey go about raising capitalnd launchg when thedo not have any other examples to gby? >> the class is a perfect example. it is really hard to find a gogood mentor.
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i think it has beeeen amazing. from the first time i was on the panel, i am lucky to have a mentoror of mine. it is hard to find aentoand yoyou have to look for programs like this. you have to put yourself out there and that is the hardest part. getting yourse out t there and finding that person to click with that has really benefited me.. >> smartest move you have madede that you lk back on and the mbestove. >> i think you have ththis big plan when you start the company. we're going to be in five cities in five yes. i think that plalanning -- you have to plan, be organized, and be ready. >>and changed the ans when
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you u need to. >> i srted t the comompanyn a recession. it was tough. >> theresa i went to turn to your. cond in command is your husband at daytner construction grou you say you conststantly meet people with the assumption that you answer to him but you sayay that it rks bebecause you are more of the vivisionary and he is more of the day today guy. if i was your husband, i would be terrified to be married with you. there are all kinds of ways that you have put it all on a line for this company and expected him to go along for the ride. why do you think that works fofor you?u? >> actually, i sleep really well. that is a gift. i think whwhat works well for us is the core of our relationship
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is the integrity, trust, and respect. we have different strengths that they're almost like pololar opposite. he i is super oanized and always on titime. he is an engineer. he tends to see ththings in black and white. i call him humble to a fault. >> when youre not married to the guy whwho could be your perfect number two, what do you recommend in terms of finding otherr people to hire to fill out the different ways you might not be able to have balanced to bring to the company? >> i have experience hirining people in different roles in the company. some have been a fit. my short answer is to go back to the core of the integrity
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trust, and respect. a skill set is onene thing to look for on a piece of paper or resume. really can you connect througugh the thick and thin? these are changing times. that is very difficult to hire key management people and executives in particular.. it i really at the essence and the cocore ofhe valalue system. >> i recommend thaour vieiewers google you becse there are so ma publications abobout you out there. thank you for joinining us. coming up, the "washington business repeport" roundtable and r our number of the e week.
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>> welcome back. our number of the week is 50 the percentage of workers who say they read it will respond to work e e-mails from bebed. the wall street journal says the study came from good technology. producuctivi consultantsts and experts frown on the trerend of working from bed. busisinesses are now trying to cash in. one manufacturer fo adjustable beds is now marketing them to younger consumers. well coming up, our busininess
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>> welcome back. we have lots ofot topics this ek include and whether or not dadavid petraeus is stillll someone you mht he for aob. first, we e want to start with o our guests.. sahil kapur a washington reporteror "talking points memo." and doug fruehling executive edit of the "washingtonon business journal." welcome to you both. and lot of news about what mayor
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gr hasas in store for the strict. first i i want to talk about shakeup in leadehip on capitol hill thatould affectt the fiscal cliff. tell us s who some of the big changes are in leadership that will have an impact. >> on the house republican sidide, the big change of leadership is the vice chair of the congress. she fought a pretty ugly battle with tomom price. he w was paul ry's choice. >> john boehr won in that battle. he has a more get practical make a deal kind of approach. that is where the republican
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conference plays a big rorole. at t this point, housuse republican arehe conservatative major backstop to t the preside and demoats basasically getting everything they want. > let's talk about t the job of the republican conference. >> it entails driving the message, organizing the conference. >> g getting the talking point out all the members. >>asally communicating where the confeference stands. they are the voice of conservatives. >> also changes the senate side with the retirement from the number two slot. the senatorr from texas easily slid into that number two spot. what doethat mean for the etiology of t party? >> probably not a whole lot of
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different. i ththink he wil slip and very well. -- slip in very well. >> he was in charger r getting senatorseelect and more republicans reelected.. ththey did not do veryell l at all. >> mitch mcccconnell has very strong contr of the congrs. >> now that everyone h a cheat sheet, telell us what you heard coming out of that meeng on friday. both nancy pelosi, mitch mcconnell, harry reid, a and john boehner thoughit w a great meeting. >> there was aot of happy talk followg ththe meeting.. this is just the openening salvo. if they want to still some confidence among businesses
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that is goining to happe. if no deal is struck, there will be automatic cuts to defense spending and progrgram i have to say i've admitted guilty of charge we theedia are talking so much about the defenseuts and possible tax hikes on the w wealthy, a lot of people are missing o there will be cuts s to theefenense spending and domestic spending.g. you have many programs t that are on the table and cou take a gger hit if t the defense lobbyists are mo successful. >> the cuts to thehe social programs don't ve the kind of powerful a iluential advocates saidid they have not got e same attention. is important to note that programs for low income people
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-- >> thecoululd still end up getting cut in lots of places. theydoug fruehling, let me turn to you. let's lo at just thcity of washington. mayor ay has laid out an ambitious five-year plan that you have wrten about in the "washington business journal." >> it is ambitious spending he wants to incree revenue for the city by $1 billion create 100,000 jobs, he thinks he has laid out 52 things that can help that happen. >> he did it as a joint project with major universities in thee area but some of it involves academics, cing together and their resources of academi cong together. you guguys laid out some other thingse wants to do. he wants to fight the fight on
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buststingg open the height limits in the district. youu like the minimalist the staff of whington, d.c. i say cram those office spaces into a tight skyline.. > even if they relax the limit, you're not goi to have spires on pennsylvania avenue. th are talkingng about getting a little more density. building a lite higher. silar to rossly. n. >> i ahopipingor a couple e of skyscrapers in d.c. you say all of this is based on the position that t mayor gray -- >> most people do t think he will run or win if he does. but there is a lot yet to happen
9:53 am
-- >> i think he is going to end up running. i think he is starting to turn that corner. >> he has been a good job this fall ofoverning despite the vestigations tt have bn going on. let's get to general david petraeus. princeton university of looking at him. what is s your take from whahat y're hearingn washgt? do you think hee hasas a brit future beyond governmnment service? >> i think so. it is not necessarily true that an extramarital a affair damages your ability. look at bi clint. it is unlikely he will return t to the milita spending. he is still very well rescted
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for sttegic intelligenence and academic intellince a ph.d. in intnational relations. he can basical do -- he could go back to academia, l look at a think tank or the and consultant in the defense inst. >> your repters i interviewed experts who looooked at this. three of them said he could still go out there and get a jojob. one. said no. the one that struck me w a recruiter whoo said he will be offered a job b iwill notot lockerbie an 'a' or 'b' level company. to you agree with ththat? >> i think he wi slowly redeem himself in couple of years. >> that is it for a roundtable. we w
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>> thanks for joining us. we would le to remind you that yoyou he options of how to connect with us at "washington business report." you can search for us on facebook a find a streaming version of the show at jus tsearch f "washingtonon business report." have a happy thanksgiviving and we hope to see you again here next sunday. peggy for joining us.
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i'i'm m rebecca coer. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] from our nation's networks... ♪ ♪ our city streets... ♪ ♪ skies around the world... ♪ ♪ ...northrop grumman's security solutions are invisibly at work, protecting people's lives... [ soldier ] move out! [ male announcer ] ...without their even knowing it. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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